13 Nov 2009

The First...

I've nothing overwhelming to say in this first post. I didn't want my first blog post to be like everyone's first tweet. You know the one "I'm here because I feel I should be, but I'm trying to discover what it's all about".
It's a bit like the tree-hugging youth that wants to go to Asia or South America to "find" him/herself. No-one really cares. I have a good friend in England who thinks these people should get lost in the Amazon!

Being an Pom (P-om => Colloquialism for an English person in Australia), I'm expected to whinge. According to my antipodean friends, it's what we do best! Twitter gives me a really good outlet for whinging, because at the end of the day it really doesn't matter who is listening, and if anyone actually responds to my (irrational) ranting.

I'll try to keep my blog here constructive.

My bio points out that I have a few technical bits and pieces in my backpack. I'm not really a techie.. or propellorhead or geek, but that is not to say I haven't been, or indeed still have those tendencies, because, I'll be first to admit, I do!

Actually, small secret here... I have blogged before.. I kinda kept it quiet, and although I have a couple of subscribers... it wasn't really worthy.

So, here it begins......properly this time....

Oohh.. and standard disclaimer... my scribblings and musing do not reflect the thoughts/opinions of my employer

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