16 Nov 2009

All Quad Core'd Up!

Given that I work for Oracle, I like to dabble and try to get to know some of the software.
After talking to a colleague, he sewed a seed that had me wanting to build a decent machine to run some of the OFM products.
I decided to use Windows 7 Ultimate and had installed Oracle Db and WLS.
On trying to install SOA Suite (actually the pre-requisites, which was RCU), I found that Oracle didn't like my choice of Character Set!
It told me that I should be using AL32UTF-8. I didn't know I wasn't using that!
Anyway, I thought I'd reinstall Oracle Db and see if there was a choice.
THEN.. .I was asked if I'd used the 64Bit version of Windows 7. I must admit, I had forgotten about that.
So after a visit to Technet, I now have the 64Bit W7 Professional. All good, apart from not having 64Bit drivers for my aging DVD Rom drive. I'm probably not alone in my 64Bit drivers conundrum, but a visit to Google gave me a headache!

So, as of a week later, I'm trying to install from a USB Stick. I found this blog on how to install Windows 7 from USB stick.
The fs conversion part has been taking ages, so will have to try the install another day.

For the record, I built using:
Gigabyte GA-P55-UD3
Intel i5 750 Quad Core CPU
8Gb Kingston DDR3

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